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Bereits jetzt ist es klar, das Femundlopet 2011 wird ein Rekord - Rennen!

Hier geht es zu den Teilnehmerlisten:
F 400 - Femundlopet 2011
Stand heute: 49 Teilnehmer (Ronja & Bernhard Schuchert, Ben Voigt)
F 600 - Femundlopet 2011
Stand heute: 43 Teilnehmer (mit Heike Kontermann)

Femundlopet-Foto (Helmut Dietz - Abenteuerliche Trails in Norwegen beim Femundlopet - IFSS Sleddog Long Distance World Championship.
20.8.10 14:47

Give me dogs and snow, and you can keep the rest!

active life + FITNESS - NATUR - GENUSS
No. 1 Summer/Autumn 2010
on Top
The best outdoor sportswomen in the world

outdoor icons:
Annekin Binz, 33
Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner, 40
Jessica Watson, 17
Corinna Schwiegershausen, 38
Ines Papert, 36
Sigrid Ekran, 28 (Foto: Helmut Dietz
Josune Beriziartu, 38
Sabine Spitz, 39
Freya Hoffmeister, 45
Cecilie Skog, 35
Lizzy Hawker, 34
Daida Moreno, 32

See some more Susan Butcher jr. pictures: here. It was a pleasure to meet Sigrid & Team twice last winter (Femundlopet & Finnmarkslopet). Hope to see them again ...
25.8.10 14:10

Mobile Home/Dog Truck : Iveco daily 65C18

Husky World Champion Joël Reyniers, Belgium
sells IVECO DAILY 65C18

Joel Reyniers, Belgium - WSA Husky Sleddog World Champion 2008

Iveco daily 65C18, year 2008, 3.0 engine 180 PK, 88.000 kilometers, suspended drivers seat, double rear tires, large loading capacity of 2.5 tons, cruise control, engine heater for scandinavia, heated side mirrors, radio CV (possibility of radio with build-in GPS system GARMIN), very large storage space (2,10 – 2,10 – 2,10m) and (2,10 – 1,40 – 0,90m), towbar, ideal for motorcross, auto sport, karting, mountain bike, etc.


Equiped with extra second dieseltank, (2 x 100 liter) .

Bullbar at front of vehicel available for a small surcharge

Ample sleeping space for 4 to 6 persons, 1 fixed bed of 1,40 – 2,10m , 1 round sitting area (can be converted into a bed) of 1,30 – 2,10m, gas oven, three ring cooker, Trumatic heating system, all the lightning works on 12V, amplifyer for ipod connection of DVD or tv or radio
LPG tank of 80 liters, 2 extra batteries for living area, also 220V sockets fitted, extra connection for gas cylinders and/or barbecue, toilet area with portable toilet.
The floor has 10 cms of insulation and has been extra strengthened + covered with a rubber coating (can easily be cleaned with a Kärcher). The walls are also isolated.
Slight damage to the left side.

Extra: 15 kennels for 30 dogs 3*(90 x 60) and 12*(70 x 85) + 3 smaller cages (50*60*60) for material or dog food. Above the boxes there is ample space for the storage of runners or Curver boxes of wax material, bales of hay.

The space under the fixed bed of 2,10 – 1,40 – 0,90m can also be converted into extra dog kennels or can be used to store dogfood or sleds.

Also includes: inox bars that can be used to create a car stake-out. The supports in inox are already fitted at the back of the vehicle. The stake-out cable and accessories (all in inox) are all included.

The car comes with snow tires and snow chains .

Price : 33,000 €


Grtz Joël Reyniers

Here: See more pictures ! or ask for more via e-mail ...
26.8.10 13:30

Female Mushers: Silvia Furtwaengler, Germany

One of the most famous German female mushers is Silvia Furtwaengler. We just contacted Silvia via Facebook: Facebook: Silvia Furtwaengler.

Silvia lives since two years close to Oslo (180 km) in Norway at Hardangervidda. Her training conditions are rather good ... she told us ... with snow from November to May. Next season she plans to race Amundsenrace and may be Femundlopet. Highlight of her winter 2010/11 should be an expedition. Sounds great, isn't it?! Good luck, Silvia.
29.8.10 21:21

Schlittenhunde - Renntermine im Norden (Deutschlands)

Femundlopet: Husky-Portrait

Saisonauftakt im Tierpark Ströhen!
16./17. Oktober 2010 Ströhen SSV Südoldenburg Wagen, offen
23./24. Oktober 2010 Senne SSVM Wagen, offen
30./31. Oktober 2010 Daldorf SSV Nord Wagen, reinrassig
6./7. November 2010 Borken SSVM Wagen, offen
13./14. November 2010 Itzehoe MSH Wagen, offen
27./28. November 2010 Rastede SSV Südoldenburg Wagen, offen
4./5. Dezember 2010 Wolfsburg Wagen, offen SSCN
18./19. Dezember 2010 Preetz / Lehmkuhlen NSC Wagen, offen
15./16. Januar 2011 Friedrichsbrunn Schnee SSCN
12./13. März 2011 Kunrau Wagen, offen SSCN

Vielen Dank an Andreas Heuer für die Info!
Gutes Gelingen!

Photo ( Husky at Ketil Reitan's Kennel, Norway: Alaskan Husky Tours
31.8.10 12:43

Røros: Femundløpet = IFSS World Championship 2011

Alaskan Malamute - Røros (Norway) home of Femundløpet

As luck would have it, we visited last winter Röros (Norway) for the Femundlopet, which is coming winter the host of IFSS World Championship in Long Distance Sled Dog Racing 2011.

Here are some pictures from the head of the IFSS WC - area Röros, Kristin Aasheim and her home town: Røros. Both exceptional examples of hospitality and friendliness: Kristin & Røros!

Røros, Norway - the home of Femundløpet & IFSS WC 2011 ...

We may add some more pictures later ...
31.8.10 19:21

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