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TV World Star with 8 Huskys at Pullman City

Till Demtroeder - TV-Dreh im Harz

... a world star (almost) Till Demtroedr is participating next weekend at Pullman City Quest, a very special husky event with aprox. 10 to 20.000 spectators, depends - as always - on weather conditions. Would like to be there, but we'll visit (definitively) world class mushers at La Grande Odyssee close to Mont Blanc in France ...

The North German actor will start at Pullman City with helmet and protectors in the 8 - dogs - class (Huskys) for the very first time. We are sure this guy will end up with 16 Alaskan Huskys at the Yukon Quest (without protectors) ...!

Pullman City is a Western Town in Lower Saxony. The husky event will be probably the most successful event in financial terms in the whole sled dog season in Germany. Spectators paid last year 5 € (x 20.000 !) ... and there is a lot to see, to buy, to drink and to eat ...

Great show, big business!

The North German actor is also active as organiser of a special Husky promotion in Austria/Tyrol with a huge number of high grade prominent stars and starlets and - of course - high grade sponsors. He is also organising Golf and Horse events. A real professional!

In the meanwhile some other sled dog events, like Langtaufers and others suffer because of lack of participants. It's a little like last winter: lots of snow, but not enough dog teams at races ...
3.1.11 21:03

Musher's Paradise: the Pyrenees ...

helmut-dietz-photos from PIRENA (for Danler Dog Sleds):

Before our SCANDINAVIA-MANIA, we also visited twice the Pyrenees (Pirena 2006 & 2008).

After five winters together with mushers and sled dogs etc. we really saw the extreme wide range of charaters of mushers & dogs & trails & organisers & vets & dog handlers & officials & photographers & landscapes ... and SNOW!

Today PIRENA is owned by affinity Advance, see here: PIRENA - Advance
4.1.11 09:33

The Alpen-Trail Champion 2011 will be ...?!

Some call it the most beautiful sled dog race in the Alpes, if not more: the Alpen-Trail. It's a little more than a sprint sled dog race and a little more than an ordinary mid distance sled dog race - not by distance but in difference in altitude. It's just the ALPEN-TRAIL. Special in any kind!

Marte Heilemann, NOR - Alpen-Trail Siegerin 2009

Cover girl (helmut-dietz-photo) Marte Heilemann, Norway, will challenge again the Alpen-Trail - Champ Heini Winter, Germany, ...

This year it seems to be again a duel. Or more ...? What do you think?

Alpen-Trail 2011
Which musher will be the Alpen-Trail Champion 2011?
Marte Heilemann, NOR
Heini Winter, GER
Helmut Peer, AUT
another musher

Heini Winter with his significant cyclist helmet has an advantage ...

Heini Winter Prags Alpen-Trail 2009

Austrian musher No. 1: Helmut Peer and his dog team could be always good for a surprise ...

ESDRA-EUROPEAN-CHAMPION-Sprint 2010 - 8 dogs class: Helmut Peer, Austria

helmut-dietz-photos: the Alpen-Trail 2011 favourites?!

PS: If you want to bet another trio, no problem, we are prepared to do so, just tell us your favourites and your price ... to!

Unfortunately we'll not be able to see the Alpen-Trail Champions 2011 live. We'll be at La Grande Odyssee in France to see, if the Swiss will do it again - or if the Czechs will. And the trip to the last Alpen-Trail stage (which we did last year) is almost a world tour.

And what should you do, if you have seen the most beautiful sled dog race (at least in the Alpes) twice ...?!

But you never know. To see Norwegian sled dog teams is always a sled dog delicacy ... at least for us!

Good luck to all Alpen-Trail mushers, especially Marte, Roy, Bjørn Lyng, Heini, Helmut, Florian, Thorsten, Martin, Christoph, Kilian, Alfred, Sylvia, Claudia, Andreas, Vanessa, Matteo, Alain, Luzi, Lutz, Erwin, Dominik, Baltsar, Winfried, Stefan, Gerhard, Mario, Volkmar, Manuela and the Skijoring mushers ...!

... and have fun as we had when we visited the race the last two years ...
4.1.11 18:49

La Gande Odyssee - Champion 2011 ...

Which musher will be the Champion 2011 at "La Grande Odyssee" - the Alpine Sled Dog Marathon Stage Race?
8.1. - 19.1.2011

Finnmarkslopet: Ketil-Reitan

helmut-dietz-photo: Ketil Reitan and his dog team close to Kirkenes (Finnmarkslopet 2010).

La Grande Odyssee - the Alpine Sled Dog Marathon
Which musher will be the LGO Champion 2011?
Emil Inauen, CH
Radek Havrda, CZ
Jiri Vondrak, CZ
Ketil Reitan, NOR
Jo Are Brennodden, NOR
another musher

LGO 2010: Radek-Havrda-CZ

helmut-dietz-photo: Radek Havrda (CZ) did win the LGO twice and was ranked second last year and fourth in 2008 ...

The musher ranking La Grande Odyssee 2005-2010:

LGO 2005
1. Jessie Royer, USA (Alaska)
2. Jacques Philip, France
3. Grant Beck, Canada

LGO 2006
1. Jacques Philip, France
2. Ken Anderson, USA (Alaska)
3. Timothy Hunt, USA

LGO 2007 (shortened due to snow conditions)
1. Radek Havrda, CZ
2. Jean-Philippe Pontier, France
3. Giancarlo Cattaneo, Italy

LGO 2008
1. Petter Karlsson, Sweden
2. Emil Inauen, CH
3. Ketil Reitan, Norway
4. Radek Havrda, CZ
5. Jri Vondrak, CZ

LGO 2009
1. Radek Havrda, CZ
2. Robert Sorlie, Norway
3. Sigrid Ekran, Norway
4. Jo Are Brennodden, Norway
5. Petter Karlsson, Sweden

LGO 2010
1. Emil Inauen, CH
2. Radek Havrda, CZ
3. Jri Vondrak, CZ
4. Petter Karlsson, Sweden
5. Jo Are Brennodden, Norway

LGO 2011
1. ?
2. ?
3. ?
6.1.11 10:24

Hamar pre IFSS World Championship Race

Tetzner_Bungic, Skelleftea

helmut-dietz-photo: Alaska proven Michael Tetzner (left) is training in Hamar, Bavarian Musher (right) trained in the very north of Sweden, in Kiruna.

While in Germany races have to be cancelled because of low interest, in Hamar the startlist for pre IFSS World Championship Race is impressive: Hamar Startlist 2011

Among the king's discipline, OPEN SPRINT, also two German mushers are testing trail and team performance:

Participants Open Sprint 22,5 km:

Kjetil Hillestad, Hamar
Maria Lindkvist, Sverige
Ulrich Brand, Hamar
Arne Haugen, Lillehammer
Tom Helstrand, Hamar
Michael Tetzner, Tyskland
Tom Brandtner-Bungic, Tyskland

... hope both Germans will cross the finish line - twice!

Another experienced German open sprint musher will start in mid distance. This could be a good training (in German "Überdistanz"-Training) for the IFSS Sprint World Championship. But you never know ...

Narvik-I-Dag: Hege Ingebrigtsen

Cover girl Hege Ingebrigtsen (Narvik, Norway) will compete next weekend in Hamar too - of course!
6.1.11 13:31

LGO 2011: Avoriaz

LGO: Ketil Reitan

helmut-dietz-photo: Ketil & Evelyn Reitan in Avoriaz.

Evelyn Reitan said: "I'll be very bussy this season. We'll participate at La Grande Odyssee, Femundlopet, Finnmarkslopet and Amundsen Race this year. Dogsa are fit, but Ketil as some problems in his back. He's older now ..."

Ketil Reitan streched after crossing the finish line of stage 1 (60 km) the front legs of all his dogs and said: "For the dogs it was too short, the could do it again immediately."

See here the LGO 2011 - Ranking.

LGO: Emil-InauenEmil Inauen im Ziel in Avoriaz: "Klar, hat das Wetter Auswirkungen auf den Trail, dort gibt es tiefe Löcher wo zwei Hunde verschwinden können und bockelhart gefrorenen Trail, wo es eisglatt ist. Man muss eben immer einen Kompromiss zwischen Racing und Rücksicht auf die Hunde eingehen."
9.1.11 12:18

Swiss against Czech & Slovak - Power ...

LGO: Radek-Havrda-Chatel

After three stages Emil Inauen leads 2:08 minutes before Radek Havrda, CZ and 20:49 minutes before Martin Bily, CZ. The following places: Milos Gonda, SVK - Portier, FRA - Reitan, NOR - Ari Holck, FIN - Daniel Juillaguet, FRA - Fabrizio Lovati, I - Jo Are Bennodden, NOR ...

Despite warm temperatures and another rainy day, both stages could be held with slight changes (no mass start). In the night it was snowing - at least high up in the mountains where the mushers are. Tomorrow the stage will be a little different as planned, but will take place. We will have the chance to see the mushers from a helicopter. We'll try our best to show some exciting pictures - hopefully with white mountains and sunshine ...

helmut-dietz-photo: Radek Havrda knows, that 2:08 minutes is not too much advantage for Emil Inauen after 3 stages. Will it be the exspected duel? It looks like this. But the Czech and Slovak sled dog power is impressive.
10.1.11 00:53

Michael Tetzner 7 Sekunden vor Kjetil Hillestad!

Kjetil Hillestad, Notodden TK, NorwayKjetil Hillestad aus Norwegen (siehe Photo) war der einzige ernst zu nehmende Gegner in der OPEN CLASS SPRINT für Michael Tetzner aus Schleswig - Holstein beim Hamar Sled Dog Race in Norwegen am letzten Wochenende.
Michael Tetzner hat das Duell mit 7 Sekunden für sich entschieden. Ergebnisse gibt es HIER!

helmut-dietz-photo: Kjetil Hillestad, Norwegen
10.1.11 02:39

La Grande Odyssee 2011 - nach der Etappe vom 11. Januar: Emil und Radek vorne, Milos hält Anschluss

Emil Inauen und LeithundThe stars of La Grande Odyssee 2011: Emil Inauen and his dogs (here his main leaddog - "Lady" is injured). After the stage of today from Morzine to Champery (CH) Emil Inauen increased his advantage, but Radek Havrda is not far behind. It's still a close game! Milos Gonda, secured place three now with a bigger gap between the next ones: Pontier (F) and Bily (CZ).

Today it was partly a SUNNY (!) day. But during afternoon it was snowing again. The stage of tomrrow will lead us to Megeve, hopefully with white mountains, lower temperature, good trails and sunshine ...

helmut-dietz-photo: the Stars of La Grande Odyssee 2011 - our picture of the day ...
11.1.11 19:54

Milos Gonda hat einen La Grande Odyssee - Blog

IMG_7463-Milos-Gonda & Doghandler

Milos Gonda, der slowakische Musher aus Kiruna, Schweden sitzt regelmäßig mit seinem Doghandler aus England am Apple und schreibt seine Erlebnisse beim La Grande Odyssee in seinen Blog: Milos Gonda's La Grande Odyssee 2011 - Blog

Milos Gonda's website:
11.1.11 23:47

Norweger sind gerüstet fürs Alpen-Trail 2011

Alpen-Trail: Marte Heilemann

Marte Heilemann und die beiden norwegischen Alpen-Trail - Rookies sind inzwischen in Langtaufers und gewöhnen sich an die neue Umgebung mit dem letzten Training vor ihrem großen Auftritt. Wir sind gespannt.

Die Meldungen auf sagen momentan, dass das "schönste" Schlittenhunde - Rennen wohl stattfinden wird. Wir drücken die Daumen! Dem Rennen und den Norweger ... und natürlich allen Teilnhmern ...!

Helmut-dietz-photo: Marte Heilemann im Winter 2009 - als sie das Alpen-Trail gewonnen hat.
12.1.11 09:03

Milos' goal for La Grande Odyssee: To survive!

the-la grande odyssee-champions ...?

helmut-dietz-photo: the La Grande Odyssee 2011 Champions?! (Emil INauen, CH - Radek Havrda, CZ - Milos Gonda, SK)

At La Grande Odyssee 100.000 $ is the total pricemoney. The first three mushers will gain 60.000 $ (1. 30.000 $ - 2. 20.000 $ - 3. 10.000 $). When we asked Milos Gonda about his ambition, he said "I'll be happy to survive here ..."
12.1.11 09:18

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