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Igor Tracz & his TRACZERCART ...

Igor is one of the young Polish Mushers, we meet since two or three years. They are more enthusiastic about the sleddogsport - no matter, if on snow, on dry land, with sleds, with carts, bikes or what ever ... than others.

They are friendly, young and eager to compete - as their dogs. And they are sportsmen and women ...

The mushers from Poland are - with their parnters and friends - a rejuvenescence for the sleddogsport in Europe.

We are sure we'll meets them during next winter again - where ever a sleddograce will take place. But we also will visit Poland once. May be in summer ...

Igor is one of them. His blog is great - see it here: Igors Blog

But they are also inventors - innovators - of the sport. Igors traczercart looks well designed is very light and very fast ...

Here his own description: TRACZERCART

Sprint Traczer Cart - 10 kg!!!

Frame: colour to choice (black, ferrari red, yellow, white, blue ....); material: aluminium 7005 T6 and 7020 T6; weight: 5kg, handmade in Poland fabric

Wheels: for front fork 1.1/8 ˝; for front wheel 26 ˝; for rear wheels 20 ˝

Brakes: Frame prepare for vbrakes or disc brake.

Rear wheels: for downhill aluminium 6061 T6 ˝Dee-Forrce˝ prepare for disc brakes, 36x spoxes DT swiss 2.0. mm; rims: ˝alex rims˝ bmx 20˝ prepare for vbrakes

Front wheel: for freeride aluminium 7075 T6 ¨X-Rolls¨ prepare for disc brakes, 36x spoxes DT swiss 2.0. mm, color black; rim: dartmoore 26˝, prepare for vbrake

Front fork: for 4xcross and trial, very heavy, steel Cr- Mo prepare only for disc brakes, weight 1,5 kg or steel fork prepare only for vbrakes, very light - weight: 0,8 kg ... or shox absorber sun tour - 100 euro more; Tires- 26 x 2.1 , 20 x 2,1

Price: 1.000 euro - light version: steel fork and vbrakes
Contact: Igor Tracz - - Poland, +48 515 168 309

Photos: Igor Tracz. Click the photo for more ...
5.4.08 08:05
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