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DSSV - INNOVATIONS - Initiative ...

... dieser Text wurde uns gestern zugesandt. Vielleicht interesiert das den einen oder anderen OFF-SNOW - MUSHER ...

Offensichtlich will der DSSV (gibt es den überhaupt noch?!)einige INNOVATIONEN einführen ...


Annex A

Motions from the Member Federations to the 2009 Congress:

Motion from DSSV, Germany, Amendment to REGULATION PART II

Justification of the motion:

Off snow championships are getting more and more serious, but we have to take care for the safety of the dogs and the driver also very seriously.
Right now, the development goes in the contrary direction (for example rigs with less than 20 kg in class 8R, seen at the last EC and the IFSS WCH in Italy).

Present wording: The following weights are recommended minimum for rigs:

4-dog class: 25 kg
6-dog class: 35 kg
8-dog class: 45 kg

Proposed change: The following weights shall be minimum for rigs:

4-dog class: 35 kg
6-and 8-dog class: 55kg

As we know that building and selling rigs is an important business for some people we agree that the new rules shall be effective from 2011.

If the motion will not pass, we recommend that Race Rule be used effectively.

Board’s comment: this motion concerns Regulations part II and is therefore a Sports committee decision.

The Sports Committee understands the DSSV’s concerns. However this motion raises several technical and other issues:

- There would have to be a proper scale for weighing at the race site

- Rigs are now being built with new materials (fibreglass, carbon, aluminium…)

- These weights are not usual for standard rigs (constructors); there would be a cost for the drivers to make modifications

- Is there scientific justification to show these weights are safer?

- Can the RM really take the responsibility to say a rig is truly safe due only to its weight?

- Who will proof the rig if made at home?

- In accidents a light rig might prove less dangerous?

- Dimensions and construction, the suspension etc. are more important than just weight

- The IFSS has published new harmonized international rules which
include the current ESDRA recommendations.

- It could be more interesting in terms of fairness to have rigs with standardized weights
7.6.09 19:51
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