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Let's Rondy! The Trail - The Mushers - THE DOGS

Auszug aus dem offiziellen Programm: Trail & Mushers

Michael Tetzner - SchlittenhundesportlerMichael Tetzner
Tetzner Racing Farm, Burg, Germany
Rondy’s only racer from Germany, Michael has placed 8th in the World Championship Sled Dog Races. He is a three-time bronze medalist in European Championship. Michael considers Rondy the only true World Championship. He thanks his sponsors Danler Sleds, Lupine Headlamps, Gradlyn Kennels, and Forza 10 Dog Food. He also thanks Dr. Sergio Canello, Buddy, Terry and Lina, Don Cousins and Nikki Seo, Mira Koehn, and his wife Doreen.

Jeff King
Husky Homestead, Denali National Park, Alaska
Four-time Iditarod champion Jeff King is often referred to as the “Winningest Musher in the World.” King moved to Alaska in 1975 and began racing in 1976, living and training near the entrance to Denali National Park. He is a champion of multiple distance and stage races and is eager to test his skills in the sprint discipline of sled dog racing. Leasing a team from Streeper, he states that it has been a goal of his to compete in the ultimate experience in sprint racing.

Egil Ellis
“Eagle,” Ellis Racing Sled Dogs, Willow, Alaska
Egil Ellis is a four-time winner of the World Championship Sled Dog Races. In 2009, he won the Open North American Championship in Fairbanks for a record setting 9th time. Egil believes that Rondy is the world’s most challenging sprint race and is honored to be a title holder. He thanks his sponsors: Dr. Tim’s Pet Food Company, Bewe Sleds, 4-S Animal Care, and Big Lake Veterinary Hospital. He also thanks his wife Helen, his mother and father, family and friends for their continued support.

Blayne “Buddy” Streeper, Defending Champion
“The Young Gun”, Streeper Kennels, Ft. Nelson, BC
Blayne “Buddy” Streeper is from Fort Nelson, B.C. A 28-year old professional sled dog racer, he has 20 years of race experience. A four-time defending champion of Rondy, Buddy is the only musher in history to win the “BIG FIVE” Anchorage, Fairbanks, Laconia, The Pass, and Yellowknife. This year he has the opportunity to become the only musher in history to win four consecutive Rondy titles. Buddy would like to thank his entire family, his sponsors: Holiday Inn Express, Redpaw Dog Food, ABC Motor home and Car Rentals, and his fiance, Lina Glad.

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What makes a Rondy dog so special? by Dr. Arleigh Reynolds

"Distance racing dogs, while working for hours on end; generally work between 40 and 60% of their maximal capacity. Limited class sprint dogs work at 90-95% of maximal capacity for 12- 30 minutes at a time. Dogs competing in the Fur Rondy are asked to maintain intensities similar to limited class sprint dogs, around 90% of maximum, for around an hour and a half. This combination of speed and endurance makes the selection criteria for these athletes very narrow indeed."
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