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TV World Star with 8 Huskys at Pullman City

Till Demtroeder - TV-Dreh im Harz

... a world star (almost) Till Demtroedr is participating next weekend at Pullman City Quest, a very special husky event with aprox. 10 to 20.000 spectators, depends - as always - on weather conditions. Would like to be there, but we'll visit (definitively) world class mushers at La Grande Odyssee close to Mont Blanc in France ...

The North German actor will start at Pullman City with helmet and protectors in the 8 - dogs - class (Huskys) for the very first time. We are sure this guy will end up with 16 Alaskan Huskys at the Yukon Quest (without protectors) ...!

Pullman City is a Western Town in Lower Saxony. The husky event will be probably the most successful event in financial terms in the whole sled dog season in Germany. Spectators paid last year 5 € (x 20.000 !) ... and there is a lot to see, to buy, to drink and to eat ...

Great show, big business!

The North German actor is also active as organiser of a special Husky promotion in Austria/Tyrol with a huge number of high grade prominent stars and starlets and - of course - high grade sponsors. He is also organising Golf and Horse events. A real professional!

In the meanwhile some other sled dog events, like Langtaufers and others suffer because of lack of participants. It's a little like last winter: lots of snow, but not enough dog teams at races ...
3.1.11 21:03
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