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Femundlopet/IFSS WC Long Distance 2011


helmut-dietz-photo: Femundlopet "around" Røros in Norway is probably the biggest long distance sled dog race in the world (in number of participating dog teams)

Officially 83 twelve dog teams are registered for Femundlopet 600 and even 144 eight dog teams at Femundlopet 400.

In total 227 long distance dog teams with 2.149 active sled dogs. Even Alaska might never have seen a race with as many dog teams as Femundlopet 2011.

Among them a huge number of well known champion mushers - even IDITAROD winners. There are in both classes/distances as many participants and potential winners as in no other internationbal sled dog competition in the whole world of sled dog racing.

Nevertheless the Femundlopet is one of the most authentic events in the sport of sled dog racing.

Read their Femundlopet rules HERE

They say ...

"All participants are equally important and shall receive the same level of service throughout the race." - "amateur" and "professional" mushers ...

"The Femund Race is a long distance race that measures the skills and strategies of the dog team and the musher without any outside assistance other than what the organiser has decided."

"Mandatory equipment
It is mandatory to have the following equipment ... in the sled during the whole race. ... will be controlled at the check points and at the finishing line:
Relevant maps ...
Water boiler with a container sufficient to heat a minimum of 0.5 litres of water per dog. ...
Magned compass
Proper snow spade
Axe or large knife ...
Sleeping bag for extreme conditions ...
Extreme wind bag ...
Fuel burner ...
Extra clothes with both inner and outer garments, socks and shoes or other footwear.
First aid equipment
Head light and batteries
Light stick, signal pistol or rescue light ...
8 socks per dog out from each check point ...
Emergency supplies of dog food ...
... food supplies for him/hersef for min. 24 hours."

"All feeding and care of dogs shall happen outdoors and only be carried out by the musher. Only cold water may be fetched for preparing dog food."

No wonder, a certain part of Femundlopet is called "Little Alaska" (Grimsbu/Folldal), the fridge of Norway.

photo: Karsten Grönas, Sweden mushing with his Siberian Huskies through Röros, Norway ...
25.1.11 20:57
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