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Femund Lake: Musher Watching with Odd Kj÷snes

Odd Kj÷snes

Femundlopet is special. This year the race started again in the town (today) with the F600 (km). More than 80 mushers started minute by minute with their 12 dogs teams. Tomorrow it will be far more 100 8-dogs-teams.

Today we tried to have pictures from each musher in R°ros and planned to drive to the Femund Lake again to see the dog teams on the Femund Lake - which gave the race it's name. It's really a pleasure to meet the dog teams there, because there is nobody else. It's about 40 km vom the start and the teams need about two hours . Today a little more because of the new snow ...

This year we met Odd Kj÷snes in R°ros at the start area and he gave us again the same advice as last year: "Use the scooter trail across the lake, then you'll find the Femundlopet trail." Last year we walked a "shorcut". This year we did the scooter road ... and Odd was already there.

It was a real advantage to stay with him at the trail. He had a conversation with each musher, mainly about the trail. And guess what was the result? From "0" to "10" everything! Mainly because of the snow from last night.

Odd estimated that in total it were far more positive satements.

On the way back, Odd did show a open hole in the ice on the lake. It looked dangerous. Good that Odd was there, the hole was very close to the scooter road ...

As we left the Femund Lake the last sunlight painted the mountains around the lake in the nicest colours.

One hour at the Femund Lake was already worst the expenses for the whole trip - with or without pictures.

"Thank you Odd for your advice and your company!"

Odd Kj÷rness  & Femund II - Femund Lake, Norway

helmut-dietz-Norway-photo: If you visit Femund Lake in summer you should have a trip with Femund II (the ship). Say Odd "Greetings from Musherzeitung!" He's the captain their ...
3.2.11 20:40
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